Women Should Embrace Entrepreneurship

Women Should Embrace Entrepreneurship: It’s important to understand that more women entrepreneurs are crucial not only for gender diversity but for the economy as well.

Accelerating quantity and quality of entrepreneurship can create over 30 million women-owned enterprises, of which 40 per cent can be more than self-employment.

This can generate potentially transformational employment of 150–170 million jobs, which is over 25 percent of the new jobs required for the entire working-age population, from now until 2030.

Women Should Embrace Entrepreneurship

Women should embrace entrepreneurship because:

  1. Women traditionally have greater family responsibilities.
    So owing their own businesses might be another solution, as there could be more room to tailor their work and demands according to their many commitments.
  2. As a woman, you should know that you are more ambitious and can achieve whatever you lay your mind to do.

    Although women are usually considered being more restrained than men, research suggests they are actually more determined and women pursue their goals more seriously.

    Perhaps because women know they will have to work twice as hard to achieve the same goals as men, when they decide to invest in a business, they really want to succeed.
  3. Women prefer to invest in sustainable growth that generates revenue and that allows them to keep investing in their business, rather than hurrying the expansion of their enterprises.

    This focus on long-term planning might explain why women, despite having fewer opportunities and money, keep their businesses afloat.
  4. Because women entrepreneurs are critical to economic growth, the need to focus more on the financial aspect of business is more paramount.
  5. Women have great untapped potentials and score higher than men in key skills such as team working, innovation and problem-solving and they have inherent leadership skills critical to success in entrepreneurship.

Summarily, despite the entrepreneurship gap between men and women, it is widely considered that women leaders in business have specific qualities that make them better entrepreneurs than men. And they can change the economic situation of the world in an instance.

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