Words have the ability to inspire action in people, this is what business is all about. But as many words as there are in the dictionary, coming up with natural, powerful, non – repetitive words and phrases that appeal to your customers is a challenge.

This articles covers a list of words to give you a starting point in marketing, trustworthy sales that will;

  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Build trust
  • Invite purchasing
  • Create urgency
  • Spark curiosity
  • Connect with your audience
  • Communicate value
  • Convey authority
  • Infer growth or benefit

The words includes;

1. YOU
The word “You” is the most powerful word in marketing.
The word “you” makes your message feels personal.

People who see it will feel your product is made just for them.
When a prospects visits your page and sees the word “YOU”, It makes them have the feeling they are interacting with a friend that they can trust.

Before people can patronize you, they have to trust you. Because many have trusted and have been let down in the past in business.
So, trusting can be a big issue for them.
If they can’t trust, they can’t buy from you, you just have to earn it.

Using the word “trust,” is a great place to start. It shows you’re aware of their problems and willing to deal with it.
Give them reasons to believe in you and use the word “trust” often.

Prospects read your sales copy because they want to know what you can offer and how it can help them.
They are on a discovery mission.

That’s why this word “discover” grabs attention.

Many people are extremely impatient. They want something without delay.

If you can promise that you can provide what they need with speed, then use this word, they’re more likely to patronize you.

5. NEW
Just like more, people want new things.
They want to be one of the first people to buy a new product.

People desire new things. Promise them something new in your sales copy.

Note that you shouldn’t promise new things if you won’t fulfill your promise.

Today is a powerful word because it means consumers can get something today.
Sometimes, tomorrow may seem too long.

Have you ever look forward to something tomorrow that you can’t sleep today?
Many people feel the same thing.

People want to save money, time, and effort.
They are always looking for ways to achieve the same outcome with less time, money and energy.

That’s why the word “save” is a powerful word in marketing.

Humans quest for secrets is a never-ending journey.
If it’s secret, then it’s something many people don’t know.

Using this word “secret” makes your marketing more effective.

If you say something is effective, it means you’ve tested it.

People will want to try something that has been proven to be effective. It saves them time and helps make good use of their resources.

10. BEST
Use this word with caution.
Do your research before saying something you’re about to reveal is the best.

It may be the best for you, is it the best for your prospects?

If it’s not the best for them, they’ll see you as a con artist.
They will never believe anything you say again.

The word best is a power word for getting prospects to commit to you.

Everyone want to be in the “in” crowd. When you make your product exclusive, only available to a select group. You make people want it even more.

You can exchange the word exclusive with other words or phrases, like; members only, invitation only, first, insider — everyone will still want in.

12. FAST
“Fast” is one of the most used words you’ll see on e-commerce sites.
You’ll see the word in phrases like “fast delivery” and “fast speed.”

Consumers pay attention to this word.


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Everyone love cheap goods and services because it saves us money.

There are more people out there who want things that are cheap than expensive.

Being one of the first to use a product feels nice to most people. It’s a privilege many want to have.

Use the word “first” if you truly have a product or service most of your customers haven’t had before.

Greatest is a powerful word that gets people thinking.

When you use the word “greatest,” you tap into the power that attracts people to great individuals.

But use this word with caution.
Before you say your product or service is the greatest, it should really be the greatest.

Just like “fast,” consumers also love the word “instantly.”

When you use this word, it tells prospects you won’t waste their time. It sends a message that you won’t disappoint if they trust you with their hard-earned cash.

If you’re an ardent social media user, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of giveaways.

By creating a giveaway and using the word on your site and social media, you can convert more prospects into customers.

If you offer a bonus to customers, use the word “bonus.”

Consumers want value than they paid for. The word “bonus” allows them to see additional benefits they won’t get from your competitors.

Discounts are something everyone wants.
Consumers love discounts.

Just seeing the word “discount” alone can make a prospect act.

20. SAVE
People want to save money, time, and effort.

They are always looking for ways to achieve the same outcome with less time, money and energy.

That’s why the word “save” is a powerful word in advertising

In Conclusion:
With so much fraud in the world today, authenticity is a legitimate concern your customers have.

Using the right words can give them the reassurance they need to pull the trigger and make themselves a lifetime customers.

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