Owning a blog is obviously simple but owning a successful blog, now that's were it gets tricky. whether you are creating a business or personal site, WordPress provides bloggers with endless tools to publish content their readers will love. Some of the things that should be  your priorities when starting a blog.
  1. ESTABLISH YOUR WHY: firstly before you put any content out there you always have to question your motive like why do I want to do this, why am doing this, is this going in the direction of what i want to express or showcase. Once you have figured it out you need to come to terms that their definitely will be setbacks, cause your motive will not resonate with everyone else’s and your thesis might not be appreciated by all but you just got to own your truth.
  2. THINK OF A BLOG NAME: Now in this aspect you need to pick a name that reflects what you blog is all about, it doesn’t always have to be catchy or brain twisting it can just be simple, e.g. if you want to talk about cooking materials you should use something that allows viewers to get what you about e.g. “All things Pots And Pans”, “The Chef Of Lagos” or “Brenda cooks a lot” or if your blogs talks about lifestyle, fashion you should pick something that expresses your blog content e.g. Blog 360 with Kathy, “Style Up Adam”.etc. For those that seem to have difficulties coming up with a blog name blog generators help.
  3. CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM: When you are finally ready to your blog online you have to know exactly which website is best for you. there are a lot of blogging platforms that you could go for, you just have to make sure that you are comfortable navigating the platform, am going to drop a few names and just feel free to make research on the ones that best makes you comfortable to use. but personally i use WordPress cause I find it easy and smooth to navigate.

4. CUSTOMISE YOUR BLOG: Now once you have reached this stage you need to be careful, you don’t want to design your blog in a way that doesn’t suite your platform. you gonna need a graphics designer in this part but if you feel you can handle it head on then no problem, your blog’s homepage need to look and rhyme with what you think your audience would like. there are a lot of graphics designers out there that can possibly get the job done, i would personally recommend you contact GEEKSVILLAGE.com in as much as efficiency goes, in NIGERIA they are the 10th best web designing agency on Google.

5. PROMOTE YOUR BLOG: Promoting your brand , now this works both ways as you could do it when you make your first post or before your first post, you just have to make sure you advertise on many social media sites as possible am talking FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, JIJI etc. you could even get influencers to promote it for you or even get big agency like jumia, Hiptv, DSTV to do it for you. you could go as far as creating a handle for your blog just for promotonal use.

6. WRITE AND PUBLISH YOUR BLOG: This is the fun part, you just get to pour out your creativity and express your self here, in the comfort of your own mind space where you just got to let yourself be yourself.

Note this isn’t a some kind of magic hack that will automatically make your blog relevant, it takes time and commitment. so do not be in doubt just believe in your art.

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