The holiday season is getting close and there is no better time to show your appreciation and dedication to your clients who have supported your business throughout the year. Customized corporate gifts are a common and easily personalized way to show thanks. The main challenge comes in trying to make your gift unique and appropriate to your client and not something that will become clutter or thrown away. This guide aims to give you 10 corporate Christmas gift ideas to help wow your clients this time of year.

The first and easiest way to show a small thanks is to create and send a customized corporate Christmas card. For an even more personalized touch, you can also have the individual names of the recipients printed onto the cards using variable data printing. These holiday cards can also include coupons and gift cards for your clients to use.

A fun way to enjoy the holidays with your clients is to give them a customized advent for December. These advent calendars can include many types of small gifts. Popular options include tea advent calendars, coffee advent calendars, and chocolate/candy-filled advent calendars. Not only is this a unique way to show appreciation to your clients, but it also offers them a way to try new things in a fun ‘mystery box’ themed way.

Give your clients a customized corporate calendar that they can use all year round. Custom calendars are a great way to keep your business in the minds of your clients, offering monthly specials and events that your clients may find useful. Check out our calendar printing services for more information.

Gifting towels to your clients is one of the most prominent ways to show appreciation to them. They come in different sizes and colours, but most importantly, of high quality.

Customized mugs are fun and easy gifts to give to clients and employees. They can come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and materials so you can mix and match to get what will best represent your business. For an extra bit of holiday fun, you can fill them with sweets of your choice.

This gift is definitely more targeted at employees but it can be a fun client gift too. Diaries are a great way to help keep track of times and events and can make fun stylish gifts as well. Create a customized diary for your clients so they can carry a piece of your business with you wherever they are.

A personalized notebook is a great practical gift to give to your clients. They can be heavily personalized from the cover to the colour and styles throughout the notebook. You could even go a step further and get a higher-end leather-bound booklet with metallic accents. Check out our booklet printing services for more detailed information.

A high-end engraved pen is a popular way for corporations to express gratitude. They can be very stylish and are more likely to be used and not thrown away. Their small size, even with a box, makes them a great small token of appreciation for your clients.

You can of course mix and match these 10 corporate holiday gift ideas for your clients. The most important thing is to have fun with it and to try and think a little outside the present box. Contact Geeksvillage today to get started on your corporate Christmas gifts for your clients. We absolutely give the best!
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