#ENDSARS and its importance to young entrepreneurs

With the turmoil and depression the now defunct sars police unit has brought about, many Nigerians have boldly step out to demand a more better and reliable police and justice system. it should come as no surprise to anyone as we have constantly been oppressed by this issue . demanding justice and safety from our own government has long felt like a fairy tale to most Nigerians. This fight has been raging on since forever but it seems that it is only now in this generation that we have come out to demand what is ours as we can no longer stand by and what the old men in their silk drapes made from our sweat and hustle dictate how we should feel, act, dress, react and worship. we the young deserve to feel free, to feel safe protected and assured that after our hard work and struggles we get to unwind to affordable tv, affordable food, affordable data plan and to know that the family we create will have it even more better, is it too much to ask for??.

This issue does not only affect the non working class but also those in government offices, private and self employed this isn’t a fight only for #endsars but also #ENDBADGOVERNMENT, #ENDCORRUPTION cause we are tired of serving a government that protects its interest more than its people. this revolution should be an awakening to every business owners cause if you think this is a bad influence on your business then think again cause this is the holy grail you have been praying for cause representation for your people, for your country will bring about more customer confidence and moral, this is the time for you to stand and declare your stance cause na businesses wey represent us we go patronize.

After all economics and good government go hand in hand. you cannot give loyalty to a government that chooses Japanese cars over its own locally made and preach embrace national business, the insult runs deep and wild, let your hunger for justice awaken, let your hunger for respect appear, the time to be passive is no more, the bible says ask and it shall be given, so if you are not ready to stomp on oppression and evil. then you only read the cowards side of the bible. even jesus was ready to fight for his beliefs why cant you. this is a national issue break the chain that keeps you from demanding what is due, you hide behind your bible saying God will give you justice but even the evil ones live longer than the good ones so does it mean we will die and still wait for those who harm us also in heaven before justice is served??. you think this fight will spoil your market thats why you remain silent but your silence is betrayal. you think your goods are your money but your wrong the people are your money and now we demand justice we demand respect. everything in life isn’t about money, knowing were your values stand makes us human makes us civilized.

Also as late DR NNAMDI AZIKIWE, detailed in his book “RENASCENT AFRICA” which he says the foundation of a thriving economy is built on the backs of the youths which is the truth. you preach change but your not willing to change, that mentality must be shot dead.

I am angry, I am angry that I am hungry, I am hungry cuz you don’t feed me truth. when I complain you will say you gave me education, life, freedom. That I should be worshiping you, but if I worship you did you really give me any of these. You don’t want me to teach, you don’t want me to preach, you don’t want me to be president, you don’t want me to succeed but yet you call me a leader of a tomorrow that never comes. Oh!! how augustus must be rolling, how joan of arc must screaming, how zik must be crying. You have brainwashed me into thinking the pen is mightier than the sword now I am useless in battle, just another poet.

Young men, hear an old man to whom old men hearkened when he was young.

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. …

“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”

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