Who is an entrepreneur? The simple definition of an entrepreneur is someone who starts or owns a business. An entrepreneur also takes risks for their business or businesses to move to the next step because without the risk, the business remains at a place and the risk has to be taken regardless of what the general public thinks. It might look impossible at the beginning but it will all make sense at the long run all you need to do is trust the process and believe in what you do. In this article we discuss the excuses entrepreneures should not give.

One excuse some entrepreneurs make is thinking they will always fail so they tend to ignore the fact that without taking the bold step, the business wont move forward. Failure is not an excuse if you want to make your business work, and for an entrepreneur to actually make it in the business world, he or she should be able to overcome one main obstacle which is the fact the he or she must fail. A lot of big brands go into new projects or create new products by experimenting and expecting failure at the beginning or along the line, what you should also have at the back of your mind is that you failing is not bad and should not be the end of the world, rather see it as a stepping stone to the greater things that are ahead.

This is an example of what entrepreneurs these days make not knowing every detail of what their business represents is very important and there are customers that can actually notice every single detail when it comes to who they work with or want to patronize. I should also let you know that this one is very important to understand and you should notice every single detail when it comes to your business no matter how small in order to avoid falling in the perfectionism. There’s a saying “The Best Or Nothing” which means train yourself and your employer or employees to do the work in the best way or possible manner and finishing and providing customers with prime quality products and trust to get positive reviews and referrals on a work well done. You also need to understand that your products need undergo a verification procedure which will make your reputation strong.

One thing you should not have as an entrepreneur is self doubt, always doubting yourself, giving excuses and thinking you will not succeed without the validation of a second party and always thinking so low of yourself. If as an entrepreneur you keep having self doubt, you will not reach the height you have dreamt for yourself making it difficult for you seeing your peers excel in the business world and you remaining where you are seeking validation from others, feeling bad and regretting why you started the business in the first place. This is one of the most self defeating excuses that any entrepreneur can ever give which might leave a permanent scar if you don’t try that idea out. Do not use this excuse at any moment in your entrepreneurial journey because it will cost you a lot and know that any idea can work perfectly well if nurtured and well planned.

Paying attention is one thing an entrepreneur should have as a skill and make no excuses when it comes to that because as they say “Customers Are Always Right”. It is important to note that we cannot please everybody but in the case of entrepreneurs it is quite different because all an entrepreneur should think about is “Customer Satisfaction”. Regardless of what is going on in the business space, customer satisfaction is all you should think about when it comes to you business as an entrepreneur because customers are your most valuable asset since they are the ones who will be giving you feedback on your products and services. Feedbacks can literally be a sign that there is progress in whatever you are doing in your business and by valuing this feedbacks, it shows your customers how much they are cherished in your company and be sure to get long term results.

One major excuse entrepreneurs give is that they don’t have time for their business because the business is a side hustle and they probably work a 9 to 5 and their week is quite busy most times making money for another company. It is understandable because you feel time is not really friendly, you do not need to quit your job at all. All you need to do is prioritize the time you have available, it might seem stressful and not worth it at the beginning but at the long run you will be glad you made the decision. The key is mapping out time and committing to working on specific task to help grow your business as long as there is consistency.

Being an entrepreneur comes with challenges, responsibilities and rewards too. To be successful in business requires a lot of creativity and always know that there is no excuse when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

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