Entrepreneurs sacrifice a lot for their businesses. They spend money, time, social life, health and a whole lot just to see that they become successful in the path of life they choose for themselves. However, weekend breaks and resting well are very essential and they also contribute greatly to your success in life.

There is an African adage that says, “Your body is not a firewood”. Meaning your body is not a wood that shouldn’t get rest, at least once in a while. “When you have good health, then you will have the strength and a greater zeal to pursue wealth”.

As a successful entrepreneur, one can say you are a “superhuman” but aren’t meant to be a robot. Your goal is to do the absolute best you can during the week and take a couple of days to regroup and get right back into the grind on Monday. Successful entrepreneurs understand that they need time to reflect, recharge, and re-engage with those around them. Therefore, use your weekend to do all three. You will feel significantly more grounded and motivated as you move from Monday to Friday.

There are activities you can take on throughout the weekend that not only make the days more pleasant but also give you a kickoff for the week ahead. Below are some actions you can take to truly make the most of your weekend as an entrepreneur while also preparing for the upcoming week to give you a balanced life.

1. Delegate Jobs To Your Team During The Week
Firstly, start your week by setting a to-do list. As the day goes by, tasks are added to the list and it can get so hard for you alone to push through it all. And then before you know it, urgent meetings and jobs can make sway away from the initial plan on your list. That’s perfectly ok, as long as your original to-do list gets done.
Having so much on your list for the week will end up making you work into the weekends. this is where delegation comes in.

Having a great trusted team will make things way easier for you. Just learn to make use of them more effectively. When something urgent comes up, and you don’t have time to take care of it, let someone else handle it for you. Though there are some stuff that only you can handle, most of the time another member of yours is also capable of dealing with whatever issues comes up. Delegating it will allow you to focus on the work that needs to be done on your to-do list for the week.

2. Get Some Quality Sleep And Rest
Nearly every business owner is constantly on the move. They spend their careers juggling a ton of work, and most of them are most comfortable when they are active. So if you spend your weekend sleeping idly or passively in front of the TV, you’ll feel unproductive.

But always remember that a well-rested body performs better. Watch a movie or read a book, sleep and rejuvenate. It’s not necessary it must be a motivational or business book. The book could be something light and not business-related. Life is too short to be too over serious all the time. Except if the weekend is the only time you have to read such books, so feel free to pull out your self-development or business books. For movies, you can watch comedies shows, family-related movies or action films. Just watch what will make you relax and have a great time.

Sometimes you also need to do nothing, absolutely nothing!” You may think it’s counterintuitive, or a form of laziness, but believe it or not, doing nothing can seriously benefit your weekly project work. Research has shown that doing nothing can spur your creativity, allowing you to come up with new and novel ideas that you wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise. When you are always in “work mode,” you don’t leave enough space in your mind to create new ideas or optimize what you are already doing. Therefore, if you are in a creative block, try doing nothing.

It’s a time for relaxing! Just relax, chill, and have fun. Work doesn’t end.

3. Do Something That Inspires You And Learn Something New
When it comes to hobbies, many feel that you should have one that brings in additional income, one that keeps you active, and another that allows you to sharpen your creativity. Well, depending on how you organize your week, it is a good idea to focus on your “creative hobby,” on the weekend. Weekends should be a time of recharging, so take the time to do something that motivates and inspires you.

You can also decide to learn something new. During the week, you are in full-force work mode. You don’t have as much time to sit down and truly immerse yourself in a new idea or concept. The weekend makes this much easier to do. Take a course that you have always desired to, or read that new strategic planning book. You are more likely to be at your most creative in a calming environment where you aren’t working on projects or taking care of your business activities.

4. Get Some Exercise
It can be really difficult to get exercise during the week because of your busy schedule. so the weekend may just be the only time you have to keep your body, mind and soul fit. You don’t have to join an expensive gym or buy expensive work-out equipment. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes to spend an hour or two each weekend working out the aches and pains too much sitting may have caused in the process of the week. Walking a couple of miles puts a little lift in your step, and your muscles feel relaxed and ready for another work week.

You can choose to go swimming as a form of exercise or ride a bicycle for a few minutes. Yoga is another great way to meditate and relax. Just get your heart rate into your target zone, and gradually increase your mileage over time. Consider wearing an activity tracker that measures your steps so you know you’re getting at least the minimum daily exercise.

5. Connect And Spend Time With Family And Friends
Your spouse and your family are part of the reasons you work so hard to make things better for you and your loved ones. Enjoy some downtime by doing family activities to energize and motivate you for what’s coming up. Go out to cinemas, shopping malls and recreational centres with your family. When you are happy at home, you will be more motivated to work harder during the week and that alone will spell success for you.

You need people in your life that are not clients or business partners. These are the people who keep you grounded and inspire you to be who you are outside of the business you conduct. Therefore, you must make spending time with them a priority on the weekend. It will rejuvenate you and remind you that you have a support system that is entirely separate from your professional dealings and contacts.

6. Plan Weekend Appointments
Planning your weekend around appointments lets you ease into change. Could you figure out a few things that you’d like to do? Like visiting family and friends, going to the park or the gym. Give them a slot in your schedule like you would with any other appointment. You shouldn’t plan every hour of every day like this, but prioritizing larger, recreational activities will ensure that, even if you do some work on the weekend, you’ll still have some of your weekend to relax. And as time goes on, you’ll be more comfortable pursuing recreation over work.

In Conclusion.
Running a business can be full of surprises and detaching yourself from your business can be rough, but working straight through the week without any time to unwind or relax is not healthy. Look at your weekends and see if you’re happy with how you spend them. If not, then maybe you need to change.

Plan your weekends with work-life balance in mind. Get yourself organized and work a little if you have to, but weekends are the time to strike the balance you and your family have earned.

Re-claiming your weekends doesn’t mean doing nothing, it just means focusing on the parts of your life that aren’t related to your career. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

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