Personalize your messages to show genuine interest as you reach new people. Share something specific about their profile or recent content to start a meaningful conversation.

Being personal shows you’ve taken the time to understand the person’s background and interests, which can result in getting the right answers and starting meaningful conversations on LinkedIn.

Personal contact requests and messages on LinkedIn are important to being authentic and positive to the new people you want to connect with. Here are some tips on how to better yourself for your message:

*Begin your message in a friendly and professional manner, addressing the person by name if possible.

*If you have a relationship, please state it in your message. This can build awareness and trust.

*Take a moment to review the person’s profile and latest content.
Mention something specific that caught your attention, such as a recent achievement, an article they wrote, or a project they completed.

*Make it clear why you are calling them and that you are interested in joining them. Be honest and clear about your goals.

*Keep your message short and concise. Long messages can be overwhelming or seem unrealistic.
Respect their time: acknowledge that you understand their busy schedules and show that you appreciate the time they take to reach out or respond to them.

*Do not use nested communication patterns. Cut your message to everyone you want to connect with.

*Send your message with a call to action, such as asking questions about their expertise or inviting them to a relevant event or webinar session you’re hosting.

Examples of personal contact requests:

“Hello [name],

I hope you received this message well.
I found your profile and liked your recent comments on [topic]. Your insight really resonated with me because I care about [an effect] too. Welcome to

and learn more from your experience and wisdom. If you have time, I’d love to hear your thoughts on [their work or specific issues related to their work].

looking forward to connecting and engaging in meaningful discussions.
Best Regards,
[your name]”

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