Technology is the driving force behind many of the transformative changes in our world. It encompasses the vast array of tools, methods, and systems that humans have developed to solve problems, enhance productivity, and improve their quality of life. From the invention of the wheel in ancient times to the sophisticated digital technologies of the present day, technology has continuously shaped and reshaped human existence.

Technology is basically the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. With the rise of technology around the world, we can now communicate with friends and family in real-time, irrespective of their different locations. In this article, we talk on the positive impact of technology in our modern age.

In the medical world, technology has made it possible for professionals in the medical field to access patient records and communicate with other healthcare providers, which has improved the care for patients. With the help of technology, doctors and researchers have made significant measures in treating and preventing deadly diseases. Technology has helped in the development of systems that are proven to reduce medical errors and save more lives. With technology, there are chances that everyone has access to a doctor and health websites. These sites are made to create chat boxes and instant messengers, where actual doctors and nurses are able to actually monitor communications with patients. When a patient comes in with a pressing question, the doctors and nurses provide professional answers, share their thoughts and give medical advice to the patient.

In the aspect of access to information through technology, the internet has made it possible to search for any form information on any random topic with the help of search engines. Technology has also made easy access to education such as uncountable books and journals available online from libraries across the world and has also made intellectual training very possible, no matter where you live, its always available at you finger tips. Effective communication using emails and instant messaging services to any part of the world without stress is one of the positive impact that technology has made possible for us. Anybody can now exchange information and materials online, which also means enhancing research in the case of application for jobs and getting to know about vacancies that are advertised on the internet with online applications becoming the easiest and most reliable source of information.

When it comes to communication, technology has made it easier to connect with people all over the world with the rise of social media and other applications used in messaging, we can now communicate with friends and family anywhere around the world in real time. In business, being able to reach customers and colleagues either on a voice call or a video call without the stress of meeting in person helps improve the efficiency of any business operation. In long distance communication, it had people who ran messages back and forth or you could otherwise call them messengers. With the help and the advancement of communication through technology, it has helped to make long-distance communication fast and effortless. With the help of technology like electronic communication boards and specialized computer software, it has helped give a voice to individuals who have previously gone unheard.

Technology has become a vital part of our society and in our everyday life. Without technology, so much of our everyday lives would be evidently different because technology progresses as the society evolves.

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