Ask for recommendations from colleagues, customers, or reviewers to increase the credibility of your profile.
Also, give references to others as a way to strengthen your relationship.

Getting advice or giving advice on professional networks like LinkedIn can be good for your credibility and relationships. You can do this at:

For Feedback:
Identify stakeholders: contact a colleague, supervisor, client or business partner who has worked closely with you and knows your skills and achievements.

Customize Your Request: When requesting a referral, submit a personal statement about your profile explaining why you value their opinion and why you think their advice would be valuable.

Provide background information: Provide some background information about a skill, project or experience you want them to share in their proposal. This can help them adjust their response to your energy.

Thanks and follow up: When you receive a recommendation, express your appreciation with a thank you message. If possible, return your kindness by telling them.

To Make A Comment Or Suggestion:
Recommendations based on experience: Share with colleagues, partners or customers who have worked closely with you and can truly vouch for their skills and work ethic.

Be specific and detailed: When writing a recommendation letter, be specific about the person’s strengths, achievements, and positive impact on their role or project. Specific terms carry more weight than general guidelines.

Highlight Unique Skills: Focus on a person’s unique strengths and qualities that set them apart in their field. This helps make their profile better for employers or clients.

Getting Permission: It’s a good idea to get permission from someone before posting on LinkedIn. Not everyone needs public recognition.
Follow LinkedIn Guidelines: Learn LinkedIn’s referral guidelines to make sure your content complies with its guidelines.

By seeking referrals and giving good advice, you can build your reputation, build relationships with your network, and contribute to a positive environment on LinkedIn. Remember that sincerity and truth go a long way in making ideas valuable and useful.

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