Cybersecurity is simply the protection of devices and systems from cyber attackers. The is commonly used by individuals and companies to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive data and other computerized systems. It also helps to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and protect unauthorized exploitation of systems


With an increasing number of users and devices in the modern world, the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow. The growth of cyber attack increases the problem even further.
cyber security can be divided into a few categories:

  • Network security- This is the practice of securing a computer network from intruders, it is also the creating of a secure infrastructure for devices and aplications and also the activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data.
  • Application security- This focuses on keeping software and devices free of threats. it is also the process of developing, adding, and testing security features within applications to prevent security threats.
  • Information security- This protects the integrity and privacy of data, both in storage and otherwise. It protects sensitive information from unauthorized activities and ensure the safety and privacy of critical data
  • Operational security- It includes the processes and decisions for handling and protecting data assets. It is also a security and risk management process that prevents sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity- This defines how an organization responds to a cyber-security incident or any other event that causes the loss of data. Business continuity is the back up plan the organization falls on while trying to operate without certain resources.
  • End-user education addresses the most unpredictable cyber-security factor- Anyone can accidentally introduce a virus to a secure system by failing to follow good security practices. One of the most effective ways to protect organizations from cyber threats is through end-user cybersecurity awareness training.

You can learn cybersecurity from the comfort of your home thanks to several online courses made available for us these days. In addition, there are free online cybersecurity courses available for everybody such as Coursera, edX, Udemy, and Springboard. These different cybersecurity online courses will take you from being a complete novice straight to beign a professional in no time.


  • Poor Data Management
  • Mobile Device Vulnerabilities
  • Poor Cyber Hygiene
  • Third-Party Exposure
  • Configuration Mistakes

In conclusion, Cybersecurity is used to ensure the protection of people, corporations and societies against threats. It is the technology that is designed to protect networks and devices from attacks and unauthorized access.

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